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How to REALLY Use Mousse

Mousse is a hard beauty product to pin down. Some say they use it for lift and volume, but isn’t that what a volumizing spray is for? Others swear by it for longwear hold and style protection. The next question you ask, then, is why not use hair spray for that? What, you wonder as you shake your fists at the sky, is so special about mousse?

The answer is deceptively simple. Mousse is so special because it combines a number of styling benefits into a single, foamy formula (it’s no wonder we declared it was making a comeback earlier last year). Take it from Aaron Grenia, the co-founder of IGK Hair, who loves mousse for providing “hold, style memory, lift, and bounce.” Tresemmé stylist Tyler Laswell feels similarly. “People should not be frightened of mousse,” he says. “Out of all of the products out there, mousse is the easiest product to use and the most versatile. Needless to say, but mousse is one of my favorite products.”

According to Grenia, “Mousse is usually in a thick foam form. It is typically applied from roots to ends, combed through hair, and blow-dried in.” Depending on the formula, you can apply a dollop into your palm and run it through your damp hair. Concentrate the product at the roots for extra volume and lift. Then, you style. Whichever look you go with will last longer and generally look better.(thanks to your hair’s extra bounce, texture, and hold).

According to Tommy Buckett, Garnier Consulting Celebrity Hairstylist, mousse can even treat and protect your hair. “Gone are the days of mousse being stiff and drying! The new wave of mousse products can fight humidity, give hair shine and definition, and can even provide heat defense. It’s a very versatile product that can be used for all hair types, and it’s pretty foolproof.” This is because applying a tad too much mousse won’t result in crunchy or limp hair (like so many other products). “Mousse’s soft, airy texture allows for liberal application but won’t leave you with too flat hair you can get from over applying a serum or cream,” says Buckett. He reaches for Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Styling Mousse since it “gives an all-day natural look without the crunch and sticky residue.” He also like R + Co’s Aircraft Pomade Mousse, which he uses for “adding texture pieceness to hair,” and Color Wow Correct and Perfect Mousse for diminishing brassy shades from colored hair.

The styles mousse can help create are as diverse as its hair benefits. “I use mouse on about 90% of the hairstyles that I create,” says Laswell. “I will layer it in with salt sprays to create that perfectly undone beach wave. I use it with rollers to create super-glam voluminous styles, and I will rough-dry it into the hair before I braid it so that there is some texture and the hair isn’t too slippery.” See? Mousse might replace your hair spray, volumizer, and texturizer spray; it’s that versatile. As for Laswell’s all-time favorite formulas? He’s never without one or two Tresemmé picks—the 24 Hour Body Amplifying Mousse and the Beauty Full Volume Touchable Bounce Mousse. “These are by far my favorite two mousses on the planet. I love them because they always give me the perfect amount of volume, hold, and control in my styles without being stiff or leaving buildup.”

Grenia loves IGK’s Trust Fund Thickening Foam, which is great for all hair types. “It’s super easy to use so you can control the amount of power from the product,” he says. “Try using Trust Fund Thickening Foam on damp hair before you blow dry, spraying at the root for extra lift. Once dry, use a flatiron to create waves. (All IGK products offer thermal protection.) Then, spray a light layer over the style and shake it out.” Voilà. That’s the beauty of mousse; instead of using three different products (volumizer, heat protectant, and hair spray), you can just use one. Simplicity is elegance, right?


For Blonde Hair

“Smart Foam” renews bounce and is lightly tinted to keep color its brightest and freshest.

Source: Surprising Reasons You Should Use Mousse in Your Hair By: Kaitlyn Mclintock

How To Get Body Outside Of The Salon

At Caralyn’s Hair Design we stand behind all the products we carry. We want to ensure that your hair health, style, and happiness lasts until your next appointment. But do you ever have trouble getting that same look you had after your appointment to transfer to a day to day routine? This tutorial provided by UNITE Professional Styling System will teach you exactly how to use their LIQUID Dust™ product!

Getting the body you REALLY want is easy with LIQUID Dust™, a weightless and workable styling tool that continuously delivers volume, texture and hold like never before. Use on wet hair or dry, you decide.


Spray LIQUID Dust™ through dry hair from root to end – about 6 to 8 inches away. Formula sprays on as a liquid but instantly dries into a weightless and workable matte finish.

Simply lift, scrunch, or tease hair into place. LIQUID Dust™ is flexible and pliable – you can even brush it out and build it back in; its volumizing properties activate and re-activate with every touch.

And you’re done! No heat, no workout – just volume, texture and hold. You can see the results here in this before and after. It really is that easy!


After using your favorite UNITE shampoo and conditioning system, spray LIQUID Dust™ throughout clean, combed damp hair from about 6 to 8 inches away.

For a wavy, tousled finish: hand dry hair using fingers to lift and scrunch volume into place until desired results are achieved.

For a smooth, full finish: blow dry hair in sections using a large round brush to smooth up and out from root to end until completely dry.

And there you have it! Styling made as easy as 1, 2, 3!


The Secret to Parisienne Inspired Hair

French girls seem to have that je ne sais pas look we lust for. What’s their secret? How can we get that look? Keep reading to find out how to channel your inner Parisienne goddess.

Put Down the Straightener

The key is bounce and natural movement. Avoid flattening your tresses and using your fingertips for volume and styling. Be okay with it falling in front of your face, the less put together the better. Curling wands are your new friend, but there is no needs for full curls. Wrap small sections around your wand for a short period of time, and in different directions. This will get that “I just rolled out of bed” look.

Wash Your Hair Less

Dry shampoo, volume powders, and your hands are the best way to extend this style. You’d think clean hair is easier to style right? This is not the case. The more grit your hair gets, the more lived in your style looks.

Spend More on Good Cuts and Colour

To put it simply, the cheaper the process, the cheaper the look. As stylists, the products we use are top grade, whether it be colour, styling products, shampoo, or conditioner. There’s a reason to salon prices, take into consideration the educational background your stylist has, their professional reputation, does every customer they see leave happy? A good stylist is looking to help you establish your everyday style, what will look best on you, and enhance your beauty. This is something you want to invest in.


Do’s and Don’ts to Healthy Hair: Summer Edition

We often overlook the health of our hair. Skipping steps, rushing, colouring, straightening, curling, blow drying, can all wreak havoc on our tresses if not taken care of properly. When we think of our face, we think of protection and moisturizing, but why not our hair? Here’s how can we avoid drying out, damaging, and breaking those beautiful locks.

DO: Take care of overall health.

Hair is a continuously growing tissue. It is and always will be affected by general well-being. Pay attention to your eating habits, stress management, and keeping up to date with checkups. When it comes to diet, iron and protein play a vital role in the growth of hair, and stress is a sure bet to accelerate shedding of hair.


DON’T: Swim unprotected.

There is nothing healthy about salt water or chlorine when it comes to your hair. That dry, brittle, colour stripping look and feel to your hair? Salt water and chlorine. A strong leave-in conditioner will protect your hair from these consequences.

Rene Furterer Carthame Moisturizing Leave-In Conditioner


DO: Tend to your scalp. 

Bet you didn’t know that your hair follicles go a millimetre and a quarter deep into your scalp. A weekly scalp mask which exfoliates and moisturizes is beneficial to sun damage and dryness over the summer. Products containing aloe vera help the most as it soothes itching, flaking and redness.

ALTERNA Haircare Caviar Clinical Exfoliating Scalp Facial


DON’T: Tie your ponytail/bun too tight.

While ponytails and messy buns are cute and convenient, they can lead to traction alopecia (loss of hair caused by styles that pull on the scalp). A stylish and healthy alternative would be to opt for a loose braid, low buns, and letting your hair down before going to sleep. Tying your hair too tight doesn’t just apply to tension on your scalp, but also the hair strands itself. Having too tight of a ponytail is one of the main causes to breakage, especially when hair is wet. We cannot stress this point enough. Brands are coming out with “spiral elastics”. Because of the spiral design, there is less tension on the hair, and is less damaging to the scalp. Say “bye-bye” to hair kinks, scalp pain and headache-induced ponytails!




Oh Canada!

Canada Day is a great holiday to get experimental and have some fun with your look! How do you get that festive look without having to dye your hair bright red you ask? We’ve come up with a few options for you that won’t need 20 showers and a trip to your hair stylist afterwards!

1. Hair Wraps

Anyone thinking of summer camp? They’re easy, fun, temporary, and WON’T damage your hair! Grab your white and red thread and get your wrapping on!

2. Root Glitter

Who likes shiny things? We do! This trend will get you noticed and envied. DIY root glitter is as easy as singing the national anthem! Click here for instructions.

3. Hair Chalk

Hair chalk is also a safe choice, a festive look that takes 1 wash to rid! As Canadians, we are all born to be beautiful in red – flaunt it!

Hopefully we inspired you all to try some of these suggested styles for Canada’s 150 and if so, tag us on instagram with your best looks! Be safe and have fun this weekend!

Summer Ready Boho Hair

When I think about summer, I see long, middle-parted, salt spritzed waves, with small accessories such as braids and hair rings. Summer is a great time for embracing natural textures and styles, and having fun with accessories.

Salt Spray: Don’t be intimidated by salt sprays, they are a highly underrated product! It will give your hair immediate texture while preserving natural waves. Ever wanted that look your hair had after it dried from a visit to the beach minus the sand? Then this is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Braids: Braids are a natural way to accessorize your hair with using what you’ve got and puts a fun spin on regular styles. Whether it be a crown, side braids, or full dutch, you can never go wrong!

Hair Rings: Hair rings are an uprising trend, it’s as if your hair has it’s own earrings. It can take any dull look and give it an edge, they create interest, and no one ever wears them exactly the same so you are guaranteed a unique look every time.