Archives: May 2016


Graduation Hairstyles

  It’s that time of year again! The weather is beautiful, the birds are chirping and for many students they have reached the end of their scholastic journey and are ready to embark on the next step into the workforce. Graduation is a great time to celebrate your educational achievements with your fellow students, educators,… Read More

Sweat and Hair Maintenance

  Sweating is something that everyone does (and is supposed to). It’s a result of the body’s internal cooling system to keep us from over heating whenever body temperature is elevated as a result of exercise, physical activity or otherwise. It’s normal and healthy, but it can sometimes affect the look of your hair. As… Read More

How Your Hairstyle Choice Can Affect Your Hair

  The way someone decides to style their hair is a reflection of their personality, willingness to take risks and exemplifies a part of their own particular uniqueness. There are so many styles from which to choose and when you consult with your Ottawa hair stylist they will be able to make the process of… Read More