Archives: October 2016


Halloween Hairstyles

  It’s that time of year again…halloween! A day when you can dress up as your favourite superhero, ghost, ghoul, witch or just about anything really. In order to really take your costume to another level, it’s important to ensure that your hair fits the role as well! Here are some great hair raising ideas… Read More

Maintaining Professionally Applied Hair Colour

  No matter what it is, it’s all about the maintenance. Whether it’s achieving a certain level of financial success or something as simple as keeping your desk clean, it’s all about how you maintain things to keep it looking and working in the best way possible. When it comes to getting your hair professionally… Read More

Hair Benefits of Castor Oil

  In order to keep your hair looking and feeling it’s best it’s imperative to keep it clean on a regular basis and also to visit your Ottawa hair salon to have a professional stylist trim any dead ends to help stimulate new growth and inspect your scalp. Besides all of the natural hair treatments… Read More

Second Day Hair

  The idea of having beautiful ‘right out of the salon chair’ type hair on a daily basis can only truly be achieved by actually going to see your Ottawa hair stylist everyday. As great as that would be in theory (who’s life schedule would allow for that anyway?) getting your hair professionally styled every… Read More

Giving Your Hair the Cold Shoulder

  Fall is here, which means that the temperature outside has begun to dip (albeit mainly just in the mornings and evenings, for now). For many Canadians dealing with extreme weather and how quickly it can change is nothing new..we’re built for this! The one place however that we can really control the temperature outcome… Read More