Archives: November 2016


Holiday Hairstyles

  The holidays are literally right around the corner, amazing how time flies, isn’t it? Besides finishing gift shopping (or just starting) another thing which people have to think about are the parties they will be attending during the season, which means looking the part. Since hair plays an important part of one’s overall look,… Read More

Top Styles for Grey Haired Gentlemen

  Everyone’s hair is different; some have thicker more fuller locks, while others may have hair which is a bit thinner. In either case it’s more so about how you take care of the hair you have (meaning consulting with your Ottawa hair design professional and determining the best way to keep it as healthy… Read More

What Your Hairstylist Wants You to Know

  When it comes to businesses and their respective consumers, the ways in which each particular group thinks can vary, which can sometimes cause challenges between the groups. In order to facilitate the best type of communication and get everyone on the same page, it’s nice to know how the other group thinks and try… Read More

Headphone Hair

  Most people have heard (and experienced) hat head/hair; when after wearing a hat for a prolonged period of time, the way that your hair was initially styled becomes altered and sometimes frayed and erratic looking. It’s something that is common and can be easily fixed for the most part, once the hat is removed…. Read More