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2018 Fall Hair Colour Trends

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Fall isn’t just the season for pumpkin carving, lattes and oversized sweaters. It’s the perfect time to experiment with new fall hair colour trends. As the leaves change from green to gold, sunny summer highlights fade away to make room for darker shades of auburn. In this season of change and transition, it is time to embrace our own changes in hair colour.

As we wave goodbye to the warm summer days and put away our floral dresses, let’s look ahead to fall 2018 to make sure we are embrace the latest hair trends. From there, we can consider which fall hair colour trends would suit us best. Be sure to book an appointment with us because we want to help you stay on top of fall trends!

In this blog post, we will share 5 Fall Hair Colour Trends in 2018 for you to try out!


Balayage is a perfect fall transition to a more natural, multi-tonal finish. Whether you’re blonde or brunette, It’s a great look if you want to refresh your hair colour but not go totally overboard.  

We are so busy in the fall season with back to school, so balayage is a perfect hair colour trend because it requires far less maintenance than a traditional colour. It goes out perfectly on its own and looks fresh for longer periods of time compared to a traditional colouring job.

Why not try Balayage, the has been such a colouring phenomenon of 2018, so why not try it out before the end of the year?


Lowlights are the complete opposite of highlights. Instead of elevating the colour in your hair, lowlights create depth and dimension to your hair. It’s a perfect look for fall because the lowlight accents are darker than your base colour and can contrast your overly-highlighted summer hair, giving it a more natural fall look. Lowlight options are available at our salon so you can transition your hair colour from summer to fall.

Honey-Blonde Ombré

According to beauty experts at Marie Claire, warm blonde shades have been on trend all year, but the perfect transition time is now. Blonde has never been more low-maintenance than it is now! Honey-Blonde Ombré acts as the ultimate fall grow-out disguise.

Goth Brown Hair

Jenna Dewan - Goth Brown Hair - Fall 2018 Hair Colour Trends - Brunette Bob

Jenna Dewan (Image: Getty / Alberto E. Rodriguez)

A nearly-black hair colour like a goth brown hair is a perfect edgy fall colour. Celebrities like Jenna Dewan and Nina Dobrev are pulling off this colour. If you want it to be a more dramatic fall look (maybe around the Halloween season), be sure to add a smokey cat-eye to enhance your overall look.

Espresso Hair

We are talking espresso, not pumpkin spiced lattes! Although, an espresso hair colour paired with a pumpkin spiced latte in hand would be a look for all! According to Giselle of Pierre Michel, brown hair colours this fall are leaning more towards more “woodsy” shades “from chocolate to espresso.” There has never been a better time than now to go dark. The change of season is the perfect time to embrace a change in your look; drastic or subtle.

If we’ve convinced you to change up your hair for the fall season, be sure to book your appointment with us. Our dedicated team is here to keep you on trend so if you’ve been dreaming of your new fall look we are here to help.

Goodbye summer and hello fall!