4:00 am

4:00 am , wake up to the alarm your excited to hear but the time you don’t want to see.
So many things running through my head as I throw my covers off and get ready for today.
Did I remember to grab all my tools? Where is my model? What if we hit traffic? Do I have my product? Formulas? Everything?

Every little ounce of energy has brought me to today, the day I get to stand in front of a crowd and say this is me! This is my creativity! This is my work!

Competition within the hair industry is such an amazing experience full of fun, stress, laughs, tears and most of all education.
It all started from the flash of inspiration you may see in a movie, walking down the street or a word that may trigger an image to your brain. Your creativity starts playing with length, shape, texture and color, what is the story behind my creation? Is it dark eerie, light and playful or bold and beautiful?

Now the hunt begins… the hunt for my “model”, whom most people believe has to be the “perfect 10” which is not the case, my hair model hunt starts with finding people or a person who is willing to do anything and can portray the character as needed.
The few months or maybe weeks between finding your model and the day of competition are crucial as that is your prep and go time.

Creating the perfect colour blending and balance for your cut and style, following rules and guidelines, letters of consent, fittings, photo shoots, and the final touch ups prior to the show are all the things that must be done and usually on your “time off” .

The day is here, your family, friends and most importantly your team is sitting amongst the crowd feeding you with positive energy, thinking how proud they are of you, how brave you are and amazing for being able to stand up and compete in front and against so many strangers while patiently waiting the call. Its time. The competition is here , its my turn to show everyone who I am and what I am made of.

As I step up on stage to start my competition my mind goes blank looking at the 1000’s of eyes on me, feeling the nerves and tension of my fellow competitors, I lock eyes on my support group/cheering squad, take a deep breath, take my place and wait for … BEEP!

It begins… everything you’ve ever been taught , all your knowledge comes rushing back for your 45 min of fame!