The power of an amazing team

An amazing team consists of a group of people who work well independently or as a team, willingness to share their knowledge and aren’t afraid to ask questions. As an individual in the hair industry you are faced with daily challenges of time frames to meet, colour formulas to work out, correct product selection for… Read More

Education in our industry

Most people spend 14-20 years in school waiting for their graduation date, waiting to get out into that work force and start earning money. For most careers your “on- going” education is very minimal and usually “position targeted”. In the hair industry our education is never ending– with new styles, colours, trends, placement and inspiration… Read More

4:00 am

4:00 am , wake up to the alarm your excited to hear but the time you don’t want to see. So many things running through my head as I throw my covers off and get ready for today. Did I remember to grab all my tools? Where is my model? What if we hit traffic?… Read More