How to Breakup with Your Hairstylist

Don’t wig out. Make a clean cut from your unhealthy hair relationship.

Time to get out the ice cream and rom coms – you’re breaking up with your hairstylist. Have you left the salon feeling underwhelmed and unhappy? Are your highlights more copper than blonde? Did they cut off 4 inches instead of a trim? Nobody likes breakups, but in any kind of relationship there comes a time when they might be necessary.

Here is how to make a clean cut from your hairstylist and save yourself from a lifetime of bad hair days:

We Need to Talk. Before abandoning ship and jumping head first into unpredictable waters, talk it out with your hairstylist about what’s making you unhappy. Be straightforward about what wasn’t 100% with your last ‘do and bring pictures with you to offer clear examples of what to change. It’s nice to offer them the courtesy and the opportunity to right their wrongs.
If they’re understanding and appreciative of your feedback – great! You are back on track to maintaining a healthy hair relationship. If they are negative, defensive and not willing to change – those are clear signs that it might be time to breakup.

Just Being Honest. As we know, breakups of any kind are gut-wrenchingly awkward, for everyone involved. Although it might be tempting to make up extravagant lies and excuses for why you need out, honesty is always the best policy. You don’t want that a awkward run-in with them at the store, after saying you had to flee the country – that’s a hairy situation.
In a straightforward but kind manner, let your hairstylist know that you are looking for a change, still respect them as a friend, but need someone who better understands your hair’s needs and wants. #SorryNotSorry

Let’s Still Be Friends. Be sure not to end your hair relationship on a bad note. This is a person you shared all of the intimate details of your life with and who you trusted with one of your most prized possessions. Keep it light and kind, in case you ever decide on returning back to that salon or to that hairstylist. They probably tried their best to make you happy, so end the relationship on friendly terms.

Life’s too short for bad hair and bad relationships. Put yourself first and cut off the dead ends that aren’t making you happy.