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Why Won’t My Hair Grow?

Why Won't My Hair Grow?

Do you find your hair becomes extremely high maintenance after you started dyeing it because your natural roots start showing in less than a month? Or maybe you have stopped going in for regular haircuts because you so desperately want your hair to grow past your shoulders. We totally get the frustration! You want nothing more than to see your hair grow but it just won’t seem to grow. So we are here to offer some of our insight on why your hair may not be growing as quickly as you’d like it to.

On average, your hair should grow about half an inch a month. Meaning, the average person’s hair grows about six inches in one year. However, if you don’t take care of your hair, there are many factors that can contribute to hair breakage which will inevitably stop your hair from growing past certain lengths.


Hair Dyes cause Hair Breakage

Some of the main causes of hair breakage are over-processing your hair on a regular basis. This can include dyeing your hair, getting fresh highlights, or perming your hair. The continuous action of exposing your hair to chemicals gets rid of your hair’s natural oils which keep your hair healthy. This type of damage can make it almost impossible for your hair to grow past a certain length because the ends of your hair continue to break and split.

If you do start colouring your hair, be sure to see a professional so they can do a full examination and consultation on your hair. They will give you the best options and tips to keep your hair as healthy as possible while you expose it to chemicals.


Overuse of Hot Tools causes Hair Breakage

We all love to style our hair as much as the next person but, if you overuse hot tools or use them on a daily basis, they can cause major damage and affect the growth of your hair because using hot tools on your hair only accelerates the potential for damage by drying out and frying your hair.

You can help prevent hair breakage by giving your hair the time to get back to it’s healthier and stronger self. Stronger hair can begin to repair itself and grow again. You know what that means ladies- flaunt what your momma gave ya!


Too Aggressive with Styling causes Hair Breakage

Did you know that tying your hair up in a top knot when it’s wet can actually damage your hair? The combination of wet hair being pulled tightly with uncovered elastics will cause hair breakage. If you have curly or coarse hair and continuously fight the natural way your hair wants to go, that will also cause breakage.

Try using scrunchies when you want to put your hair in a ponytail, plus cute scrunchies are totally back in style in 2019! And definitely avoid tying your hair up in a tight top knot before it has had the chance to dry!


If you find you have been giving these tips a try over a few weeks and still can’t seem to see a difference, come in for a consult with one of our professionals. Your hair may need a good trim to stop the ends from splitting, or maybe we can suggest a hair therapy kit with a better shampoo and conditioner to help repair the breakage. Whatever the case may be, our professionals are ready to help your hair get back to it’s healthier self and begin growing again.