Education in our industry

Most people spend 14-20 years in school waiting for their graduation date, waiting to get out into that work force and start earning money.

For most careers your “on- going” education is very minimal and usually “position targeted”. In the hair industry our education is never ending– with new styles, colours, trends, placement and inspiration for every season.

Keeping up with education is one of the many fun things we get to do as a stylist. For us education is like Christmas, you know its coming and yet it seems so far away, your always overly excited  and by the time it comes you end up losing sleep over excitement.

The education we give ourselves throughout our careers molds us into the stylists and artits we are today and strive to be. This inspires us to be the best. Whether it is training for colour, cutting, styling or barbering we look forward to the up-coming learning so we can MAKE YOU LOOK YOUR BEST!