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Frosted Tips and Tricks: A Winter Hair Care Survival Guide

Winter Hair Survival Guide

The temperatures are below zero, the scent of peppermint fills the air, and bells are jingling in the distance: winter is upon us! From hat hair to dry ends, the next few months could put your hair and scalp under a lot of stress. 


Keep your hair and scalp healthy (and stylish) this winter with these tips: 


Protect your perm


Shielding your luscious locks from the harsh winter winds is always a great idea. Cold, dry air can zap the moisture right out of your hair and cause breakage. Fight this by A) bundling up and B) piling on the conditioner. Tuques and scarves hide your magnificent mane from the elements and look darn cute doing it. 


Hat hair isn’t your vibe? No sweat. Leave-in conditioner is a quick and easy way to add extra moisture to your hair (and it smells incredible). Simply massage it into freshly-washed hair and forget it until you’re ready to wash it again. Leave-in conditioner adds a certain smooth, silky, softness that we’ll never get over.


Hat hair, don’t care


Speaking of hat hair, no one wants to walk around with a dented ‘do. Good thing you can avoid it in a few different ways. 


Number 1 is to make sure your hair is dry before you put your hat on. If your locks are even slightly damp before sporting your tuque, your chances of having a beanie bend will sky-rocket. No time for that? Texture, frizz, and static control sprays are your best friends. These secret weapons add a lil’ oomph to your hair and make it harder for your hat to flatten it. The more volume the better. Beanie up!


You’re hot enough


One of the best ways to avoid breakage this season is to reduce your use of heat. This means air or towel drying your hair, washing it in cool water, and reducing the temperature on your styling tools. 


We’d also recommend investing in a protective heat spray. This extra layer of protection allows your hair to withstand the effects of extreme temperatures. It also adds and locks in moisture. The best part? It works in cold weather too! 


Leave it to the pros

Afraid of frosted tips? Worried your hair won’t survive the winter? Fret not. We can take care of your ‘do for you! From a simple styling to a fresh cut and colour, your hair is in very capable hands. Book your next appointment today and face winter fabulously.