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How to Get Fuller Hair this Season

Men and women want to improve the appearance of their hair. But solutions that may have worked at one time of the year may not work after the seasons have changed. When cooler, crisper weather arrives, humidity levels wane and hair can appear flat and lifeless. This can be counterproductive to already existing conditions of thinning hair. As women age, their bodies produce less estrogen, which can cause hair loss and thinning, while some men are genetically predisposed to thinning hair and even balding. When the temperatures outside begin to dip, people tend to spend more time indoors with the heat turned on. Dry air can cause static electricity and flyaway hair. People who wear hats to protect their heads from chilly weather also may find their locks have flattened. Fortunately, there are a number of solutions to flat hair, each of which can improve fullness and body.

Try a plumping product with keratin. Keratin is a strong, fibrous material found in human hair, skin and nails. Coating hair with a keratin hair treatment can create a thicker layer of keratin to protect and moisturize the hair and help improve fullness.

Find the right volumizing shampoo for your hair. Many volumizing shampoos work by thoroughly cleansing hair to remove any product residue or excess oil that can weigh down hair. In the process, some may actually dry out hair, so it is important to test out different brands to find one that cleans but does not strip hair.

Use a styling aid. For many people, washing and drying their hair is not enough to provide volume and lift. Styling aids can add volume to your hair. Volumizing mousse will coat the hair strands and give the appearance of thickness and lift. These products should be worked into the base of the hair where it meets the scalp for best effects. Pomades and certain hair waxes and gels can provide similar results and may stiffen hair to keep styles in place.

Be gentle when styling. Frequent use of chemical styling products or heated appliances can weaken or damage the hair, causing it to break or fall out. This can only add to thin, flat hair problems. Use heated styling appliances sparingly and be gentle on hair when brushing or washing and drying.

Experiment with a new cut. Fine or limp hair may benefit from a shorter, more layered haircut to improve volume and bounce. A stylist can recommend options that will fit with your face and hair goals.

Consider coloring your hair. Permanent color dyes may actually thicken your hair by expanding the cuticle layer in order to deposit color into the shaft or disperse the existing pigments. This can result in hair that feels thicker or moves differently after the coloring process. Be sure to follow the recommended time between coloring treatments or you may end up doing more harm than good. Many products and techniques can make hair more full, especially during a season when flat hair seems to be the norm.