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Hair Happiness Hacks

We’ve come up with some simple at home hacks to keep your hair happy between salon visits!

1. Head Massages

Head massages are probably one of everyone’s favourite part of visiting the salon, but they don’t do it for no reason. They are an effective hair treatment too. Your head is one of the easiest parts of your body to massage, and doing so stimulates the blood flow to your hair follicles. This can help your hair to grow faster and look healthier.

2. Weekly Masks

We guarantee your hair will be so happy after this! With the weather we’ve had, it’s hard to salvage those locks, but it can be done! We love Unite’s 7SECONDS™ Masque! It delivers instant moisture, shine, and protection!

3. Turn Down the Heat!

Your hairdryer can do too good of a job on your hair and dry it out more than you want. Drop the heat for a gentler experience and skip it where possible so you can let your hair air dry. Try a style that doesn’t require heat tools!

4. Get Yourself a Tangle Teezer

Your hair will truly benefit from this! You will experience a quick and easy, painless, brushing. Your hair will have less breakage, tugging, and is suitable for wet or dry hair, extensions, and wigs!

5. Oil is Your Friend

A specific type of oil though! We love Unite’s U Oil! Leaves your hair silky, smooth, and healthy! Lasting moisture and shine no product can beat, also works as a thermal/UV protector, and will reduce blowdrying time!