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Hair Hygiene: How often should your kids wash their hair?



Woah, it’s September already? You know what this means: it’s back to school season for your kids! While they’re starting out on a brand new chapter, it also means a fresh start for their hair as well.


Proper hair care and hygiene is a sure way for them to maintain that brand new back-to-school hairstyle they’ve so carefully picked out, while also keeping their scalp at its absolute healthiest – something that’s especially important now that your kids will constantly be surrounded by others in the classroom.


But just how often should your kids be washing their hair? Well, the answer differs depending on a few things:



  • Age & Natural Hair TypeChildren’s hair is naturally more delicate than an adult’s and therefore it doesn’t require the same type of treatment. On top of that, a child’s scalp is more sensitive to some of the acidity that can be found in shampoo and other hair products. Age plays a big role in how we should approach cleaning and maintaining hair, and how often kids should be using shampoo products.

    For kids 8 years and younger with finer hair, a weekly wash and light shampoo is sufficient to maintain a healthy head of hair, but as your kid gets older and starts to experience some significant (and confusing) changes, the hair also experiences change: in volume, growth, and oil levels in the scalp (especially during puberty). Because of this, the frequency of washes should also change – increasing to about 2 to 3 times more often per week.


  • LifestyleLifestyles can also affect just how greasy or worn out your kid’s hair can get, which can determine how often they should be washing their hair. If your kid is highly active and involved in various sports, they’re secreting more sweat and are more exposed to dirt, dust and even water that can cause any healthy head of hair a decent amount of stress. 



At Caralyn’s, our team of stylists not only pride themselves on being able to create the perfect back-to-school look, but are also more than happy to provide other tips, tricks and best practices for making sure yours and your kid’s hair stays healthy and vibrant. Book an appointment on the website by clicking here or by calling 613-224-7206 today!