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Heat Styling 101




Changing up your look is made easy by using hairstyling tools, but what about all that heat damage? We know using heat styling tools are inevitable, and we also know that there are ways to decrease damage using them! It all comes down to the type of material, heat settings and technique that is used for each tool. Here’s how to prevent heat damage with these everyday tools:

Hair Straightener
Material: Ceramic or Tourmaline will retain heat as well as produce negative ions which will remove frizz and allow for a smooth finish.
Heat: Curlier hair will need more heat, but no more that 400 degrees for any hair type.
Technique: Wider clamps will allow for more hair to be straightened at once, but may require more runs through. Be sure to not clamp down on one part for too long, and always distribute the heat evenly throughout the strands.

Curling Iron
Material: Ceramic or Tourmaline with retain heat and produce negative ions to remove frizz.
Heat: Between 350 and 400 degrees will hold a curl perfectly.
Technique: Different clamp sizes will produce different types of curls. Two inch clamps will allow for voluminous barrel waves, and ⅜ inch clamps will create tighter curls.

Hair Dryer
Materials: Opt for a lightweight hair dryer with ion technology to allow hair to dry faster with less frizz.
Heat: Thick/curly hair or extremely wet hair may need higher temperatures to fully dry. If possible, opt for a high voltage of power to dry rather than extreme heat.
Technique: Blow dry hair using a round brush to allow for a blow-out style when dry, this will diminish frizz and be easier to style.

Healthy hair is the best style you can have, so be sure to use your styling tools carefully and properly to protect those locks! For your hair needs contact Caralyn’s, your hair experts.