The Hottest Hair Length this Summer!

It’s safe to say the hottest hair style right now is the “medium length” cut. Everywhere we look people are sporting the more casual, low maintenance looks. The medium-length used to be a dreaded in-between grow out stage, but has now transformed into the go-to length for this summer. This look is so versatile, making it look good in an colour, cut and style you want to go for. Here are some of the cutest looks you can do with your medium-length cut:

Lucy Hale with Pin-Straight look

Pin Straight: This look can be super blunt and edgy if straightened to the max. Think shiny sleek hair with an air of mystery. This look can rock any style, from a night out or a day at work. To get this look, we suggest a high quality heat protectant, and hair oils to keep it conditioned to the maximum.

Curls: The curlier the better we say! Since this cut is at a length that look longer while straight and short when curly, you have so many options to play it up! The bigger the curls, the more volume and bob-like style you can achieve. To do this look without heat, we suggest over-night braided buns to get the maximum curl definition!

Ashley Benson with a curly style

Up-Do: While it may be more difficult to achieve the intricate up-do, you have so many options to go more casual and funky. Pull a Spice-girls look or leave long pieces swaying at the side for a more summer-casual style.

Come to Caralyn’s Hair Design for the hottest hair trends this summer. This low-maintenance look will be great to style for any occasion and provide you with a ton of easy versatility the whole season….No more dreading the in-between cut!