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The Most Popular 2019 Hair Trends to Expect Next Year!

The most popular 2019 hair trends to expect next year!

As fall comes to an end and brings colder temperatures our way, we can all agree we get a little excited for that first snowfall. So naturally with the change of season, we start thinking about hair changes too. Most people think that it is better to go darker in the wintertime and lighter in the summertime. So if you were thinking of going blonde this month you should think again right? Wrong! We love the idea of our clients wanting a nice blonde change for winter! Especially with the expected 2019 hair trends coming our way!

This month, we expect to see a few more blondes out and about more than usual this time of year and we love it! We have a few other 2019 hair trends we expect to see in the new year that we’d like to share with you. Do you have your phones ready to screenshot?


Whether you want a “lower maintenance” look to your bangs, or a nice 60’s inspired long fringe, bangs are definitely making more of a comeback in 2019 than they did in 2018! Longer bangs are expected to be more popular in the new year because they can be styled easily and instantly give off a cool, chic, or classic look to your overall appearance.


With society loving the slickback trend again, this has sparked dramatic short cuts on women and we’re really excited about it! A nice choppy pixie cut can be styled in a slick, “sexy” way one day and textured in a messy, cute way the next. We are also loving the textured bob looks as they tend to have a little more length but are a messier and edgier style– much easier for us ladies to style our own hair in the mornings and it will always look awesome! The messier the better!


The 90’s are back baby! The retro high ponytail look has made a great comeback onto our favourite high fashion runways and back onto the streets! If you want to go one step further, compliment this high ponytail with a scrunchie! If ponytails aren’t really your thing, no need to panic. Messy buns and top knots have made a comeback more than ever as well! These styles used to be the Sunday “at home all day” look. Now, you’ll see women rocking this style to work! Trust us, high ponytails and messy buns will be one of the top 2019 hair trends!


Does cutting your hair still scare you? Not to worry! Super long hair is very in right now and we don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon. To keep up with this trend, be sure to book an appointment with your hairstylist for a nice clean cut along the base of your hair. After that, it’s all up to you with how you take care of it on a day-to-day basis in your own home. At Caralyn’s, we have many products to help keep your hair nice and healthy with protein and moisture.


Last but not least in our discussion of 2019 hair trends, the messier the curls, the better! Ladies, if you have curly hair that can’t be tamed, be sure to start flaunting it! Wild curls is one of the hottest looks arising in 2019! Ask one of our professionals about the perfect products to use to maintain your curls in a wild way with the best way to style them daily.

We hope this encourages the next hairstyle you’ll start rocking in 2019. Give us a call at Caralyn’s so our team of professionals can help you out in the New Year or book you in for your fresh look for the holidays! From our entire team, we’re wishing everyone a wonderful holiday break with their families and friends this season.