The power of an amazing team

Team Caralyn's after the ice bucket challenge

Team Caralyn’s after the ice bucket challenge

An amazing team consists of a group of people who work well independently or as a team, willingness to share their knowledge and aren’t afraid to ask questions.

As an individual in the hair industry you are faced with daily challenges of time frames to meet, colour formulas to work out, correct product selection for the hair type and the cut+style that will look best on your client.

When faced with these challenges, sometimes they can seem like an easy job or a simple formula; in some cases they are , but when your challenge becomes a large job- multi processes and what could be a 4 handed job the power of your team becomes crucial. You 1 1/2 hour appointment just turned into a half day ordeal. You grab as many sets of eyes and hands of your team and start to tackle the project. Whether its passing you a clip or comb, applying or rinsing colour, mixing your formulas or doing a mid-appointment treatment – every single second matters and every single person on your team helping you out makes that job/appointment go that much smoother.

When you have an incredible team behind you to lean on for ideas, formulas, help or clarification like we do, your options are endless. We play off each others strengths, ask for help when we see a challenge approaching, inspire each other and our clients as well as pass on as much knowledge as we can to each other.  Together we have the most amazing, powerful and productive team.