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Red Hair and Why you Should Care


Each strand of hair that a person has is a direct reflection and connection to that particular individual, on a DNA molecular level. The colour and type of hair one has goes beyond just looks but actually can sometimes have a deeper meaning and require extra special care and attention.

“People with red hair have a different type of melanin than people who don’t have red hair – and the type of melanin that redheads have is less able to protect them from the sun. Red hair, fair skin and a sensitivity to the sun are down to variations in a gene called MC1R that affects the production of pigments, called melanins, in the skin.The scientists say the findings suggests people with just one copy of the gene might be more susceptible to the damaging effects of sunlight than previously thought.”

What this means is that those who are in the fairer haired category need to make sure to take extra precautions in keeping both their hair and skin properly protected. Consult with both your medical practitioner and Ottawa hair stylist to determine the best way to keep your hair and skin as healthy and beautiful as it can possibly be.