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The Secret to Parisienne Inspired Hair

French girls seem to have that je ne sais pas look we lust for. What’s their secret? How can we get that look? Keep reading to find out how to channel your inner Parisienne goddess.

Put Down the Straightener

The key is bounce and natural movement. Avoid flattening your tresses and using your fingertips for volume and styling. Be okay with it falling in front of your face, the less put together the better. Curling wands are your new friend, but there is no needs for full curls. Wrap small sections around your wand for a short period of time, and in different directions. This will get that “I just rolled out of bed” look.

Wash Your Hair Less

Dry shampoo, volume powders, and your hands are the best way to extend this style. You’d think clean hair is easier to style right? This is not the case. The more grit your hair gets, the more lived in your style looks.

Spend More on Good Cuts and Colour

To put it simply, the cheaper the process, the cheaper the look. As stylists, the products we use are top grade, whether it be colour, styling products, shampoo, or conditioner. There’s a reason to salon prices, take into consideration the educational background your stylist has, their professional reputation, does every customer they see leave happy? A good stylist is looking to help you establish your everyday style, what will look best on you, and enhance your beauty. This is something you want to invest in.