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Beat the Bed Head

  Maybe you just got a fresh new blowout, or spent hours perfectly curling your hair, either way, you want to make sure all that time and effort lasts longer then a day! The number one cause for ruining a hairstyle is by not properly caring for it during the sleepy-time hours. Depending on the look or… Read More

To wash, or Not to Wash?

        Washing your hair seems like a given when it comes to maintaining your hair health, yet we keep hearing about people who have given up washing their hair completely…Crazy right? Turns out, the less you wash your hair the less you’ll have to. Over time, the scalp will stop producing as… Read More

Brushing Basics

Who would have thought there was a wrong way to brush your hair? Brushing your hair may seem like a daily, trivial part of your beauty routine, but when not done properly, it can lead to some serious long-term hair damage…uh oh. While there are techniques to proper brushing, there are also specified hairbrushes for… Read More

Hair Tips Not to Brush Off

  We tend to get caught up in only putting our focus toward the steps necessary to achieve something; outlining a plan and following it explicitly is the usual course of action. However, sometimes knowing what not to do is just as important as what to do itself. In fact, in can help to streamline… Read More

Hair Benefits of Castor Oil

  In order to keep your hair looking and feeling it’s best it’s imperative to keep it clean on a regular basis and also to visit your Ottawa hair salon to have a professional stylist trim any dead ends to help stimulate new growth and inspect your scalp. Besides all of the natural hair treatments… Read More

Giving Your Hair the Cold Shoulder

  Fall is here, which means that the temperature outside has begun to dip (albeit mainly just in the mornings and evenings, for now). For many Canadians dealing with extreme weather and how quickly it can change is nothing new..we’re built for this! The one place however that we can really control the temperature outcome… Read More