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Style is Eternal

What is that saying? “Fashion comes and goes, but style is eternal” –Yves Saint Laurent. Well, we could not agree more. Every season we are bombarded with brand new hairstyle trends, such as half shaved heads and man buns, and while we love trying new things, sometimes it’s good to stick to the classics. If… Read More

Styles to Fall For

  The key components to what make us unique and special as people, starts on the inside. Our personalities are reflected in the choices we make everyday; the music you listen to, the clothes you wear and how you style your hair. Our appearance can give someone insight into who we truly are, even if… Read More

The power of an amazing team

An amazing team consists of a group of people who work well independently or as a team, willingness to share their knowledge and aren’t afraid to ask questions. As an individual in the hair industry you are faced with daily challenges of time frames to meet, colour formulas to work out, correct product selection for… Read More