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To wash, or Not to Wash?

        Washing your hair seems like a given when it comes to maintaining your hair health, yet we keep hearing about people who have given up washing their hair completely…Crazy right? Turns out, the less you wash your hair the less you’ll have to. Over time, the scalp will stop producing as… Read More

All About Mousse

  Mousse is not only an amazingly delicious dessert, but it’s something that when used correctly can provide your hair with added texture and volume. However, there are some who are not using it properly as a maintenance tactic after they’ve visited an Ottawa hair salon. When you don’t use something effectively regardless of what… Read More

Everyday Activities that can Lead to Hair Loss

  Everyone wants to have a thick, full and luxurious lock filled head of hair, but it seems to be easier to achieve and maintain for some over others. Some of it has to do with your DNA and some of it has to do with your regular hair maintenance techniques. However, sometimes the things… Read More