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What Your Hairstylist Wants You to Know

  When it comes to businesses and their respective consumers, the ways in which each particular group thinks can vary, which can sometimes cause challenges between the groups. In order to facilitate the best type of communication and get everyone on the same page, it’s nice to know how the other group thinks and try… Read More

Hairstyles for Autumn Weddings

  Autumn tends to be a favourite month for many (and for good reason): the weather is usually comfortably cool and the changing of the colour of the leaves is a true treat for the eyes. It is also a great time for weddings as the beautiful yellow, orange, red and brown make for beautiful… Read More

Preventing Head Lice

  It’s not something that anyone wants to think of having or having to dealing with, but head lice is a real issue. Seeing as how head lice usually affects more children than anyone else (and back to school is just around the corner) it seemed like the perfect time to have a conversation about… Read More

Historical Hair Straightening Don’ts

  If you don’t learn from the past, history is doomed to repeat itself. We all get older, but in order to get wiser as we age it’s important to learn from errors we may have made. Sometimes those errors could be due to a lack of knowledge about something because of limited information available… Read More

The Proper Hair Washing Technique

  Last week we discussed hair washing frequency and the impact it can have on the hair and scalp, but what about the shampooing technique used while washing? Doing something is only as effective as the technique being used to do it in the first place; If it’s not being done properly in the first… Read More