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Change is in the air!

A year ago if you told me i was going to have short, yellow hair… I would have laughed and probably shudder at the thought. …But here I am! Since joining Caralyn’s team my confidence, knowledge, imagination and overall well being has skyrocketed! I feel truly blessed to be surrounded by such an amazing team…. Read More

What makes us unique?

I’d like to take this weeks blog to talk about something that inspires me. Of course the latest fashion trends…hairstyles and colour, but I would have to say the people I work with probably inspire me the most. I work with an amazing team of individuals who have all impacted my life in a positive… Read More

The power of an amazing team

An amazing team consists of a group of people who work well independently or as a team, willingness to share their knowledge and aren’t afraid to ask questions. As an individual in the hair industry you are faced with daily challenges of time frames to meet, colour formulas to work out, correct product selection for… Read More