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Why Primer is Important

Like makeup primer, hair primer helps maintain the style, and freshness. Some primers work as a bonus to protect your hair from hot tools, which can be very damaging to the nature of your hair if there is no protection. No matter your type of hair, hair primer is an essential product to maintaining healthy, beautiful hair and there are many to choose from!

What’s a hair primer?

Hair primer is a product that preps hair for styling. Primers are generally made up of conditioning and protective ingredients. Depending on your hair type and styling routine, you may opt for a cream, spray, lotion, or balm primer – your stylist will be able to point you in the right direction!

What does a hair primer do?

What doesn’t a hair primer do! Depending on the type, primers can protect your hair from heat styling and UV rays, condition, and/or hydrate! They also help other styling products work better and extend the life of your style.

Ask your stylist which primer will best suit your needs! We at Caralyn’s Hair Design carry a range of products from the Rene Furterer line and are experts at determining your needs!



Source: Here’s Why You Should Use a Hair Primer