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Wig It Out


Embrace a New Year and a new do. Wigs have finally earned their turn in the spotlight as a highly coveted fashion trend, than

ks to celebrities like Kylie Jenner (an avid wig and extension promoter), or Lady Gaga (The queen of trendsetting). Wigs have become the perfect way to have an ever-changing look that includes fabulous hair every time.

Wigs provide the variety to change your look for virtually any event or style you’re going for. Who wouldn’t want the option to have long wavy mermaid hair one day, and a sleek bob the next? Here are some tips for keeping your wig (synthetic and human-hair) in tip-top shape:

1) Detangle before washing.

2) Rinse with lukewarm water from roots to end.

3) Carefully shampoo with hands.

4) For synthetic wig, spray leave in conditioner from mid-shaft to ends. For human hair, condition ends and leave in for a few minutes.

5) Rinse with lukewarm water in the same direction as the hair to avoid tangles.

6) Air dry synthetic hair. Blow dry 80% of human hair wigs and round brush the rest.

So, if you feel like being a blonde Friday night, style that wig and go for it! For full service and care on synthetic and human hair wigs, visit Caralyn’s, your Ottawa hair design specialist!